James Rock

Freelance UI Developer

Highly proficient developer with over 10 years commercial experience. Whatever I do; I do it well. Also husband, father, musician, magician, writer and editor.


4 months, May 2019

Produced 3 sites based on Craft CMS. See InColchester, IpswichCentral and TheJunction.

Radley Yeldar

6 weeks, April 2019

Added further functionality to the agency's existing website and produced an interactive annual report for Vodafone. See Vodafone Annual Report 2019 and ry.com.


2 weeks, April 2019

Produced an interactive map and quiz for Anglian Water Careers. See anglianwatercareers.co.uk.

Radley Yeldar

2 weeks, March 2019

Rebranded the agency's website. See ry.com.

Studio 2br

9 weeks, November 2018

Produced the studio's website, based on Craft CMS. See 2br.com.

We had the pleasure of working with James over several months on a web-based project. The project was based on a CMS he was unfamiliar with but he was fast to get his head around it. James was able to seamlessly adapt to our way of working and was quick to (repeatedly) turn our ideas into reality. Looking forward to working with him again soon. - Tyson Edwards - senior designer at Studio 2br


20 months, March 2017

Working as part of HSBC's Connect Transformation team, initial responsibilities were to develop upon an existing internal platform, which was later re-written in React, before being handed over to off-shore teams. Other responsibilities included drafting technical design proposals, liaising with an external creative agency, technical documentation, supporting off-shore teams and managing code merges.

GFM CleverGames

12 months, November 2015

Produced a Fantasy Football game for Sky Sports which sees regular TV promotion and is played by over 100,000 users each game round. Features include live scoring, live player stats, live leaderboards and live leagues. I was front-end lead on the project for the duration, within a small five-person team.

James is a highly skilled front-end developer with a very keen awareness of the overall user experience. The combination of design skills, knowledge and understanding of development and quick pace of delivery made James a very valuable member of our team. The end result of the product is testament to James' input and support he gave the project over the time he worked on it. It was a pleasure to work alongside him. He made a big impact on the entire team. - Cerven Cotter, UX Lead at GFM.

Rabbit & Hare / Royal Bank of Scotland

7 weeks, September 2015

Worked as consultant at RBS to develop a responsive prototype as part of an overhaul of their NatWest commercial banking platform. Responsibilities were to ensure that any technical limitations were not exceeded, to contribute ideas, and to respond to feedback from regular rounds of user testing.


6 weeks, July 2015

Maintained various high-traffic sites during an extended period of leave cover.


1 week, June 2015

Produced a responsive micro-site for a well-known car manufacturer.


3 weeks, June 2015

Produced a 'heart disease risk calculator' for a well-known healthcare brand.

Radley Yeldar

6 weeks, May 2015

Produced a range of responsive components for shell.com.

I had the pleasure of working with James on a small site prototype. The turn around was quick, he was only with us for a few weeks, but his attention to detail was very impressive. He matched my designs perfectly which saved me having to spend a lot of time on QA. That in turn enabled us to work closely together to fine tune and tweak the interactions and responsive layouts of the prototype. In short we got a lot done in a short amount of time which looked and worked beautifully. - Tony Goff, Freelance Designer.


5 weeks, March 2015

Produced two fully responsive sites.

Ogilvy & Mather

3 days, February 2015

Produced a responsive micro-site for a well-known cosmetics brand.


1 day, January 2015

One-day consultancy placement providing general technical direction for the design and implementation of a responsive framework.

James was hired to work with me in a consultancy role to provide technical direction for the implementation of a responsive framework. I found James to be extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I would strongly recommend James to anyone seeking advice, technical direction or strong front-end skills. - Wayne Lavender, Front-end Developer.

The BIO Agency

2 months, November 2014

Produced various responsive components as part of an overhaul of a leading animal charity's website.

Like Digital

1 week, October 2014

Produced a fully responsive micro-site.


7 weeks, August 2014

Retrofitted an established website for clothing brand Fat Face to be fully responsive.

Space 66

4 weeks, July 2014

Produced a responsive micro-site for a US-based healthcare brand.


5 weeks, May 2014

Produced a responsive 'Foreign Exchange Calculator' component as part of an overhaul of one leading high-street bank's online offering.

Maynard Malone

3 months, February 2014

Produced a responsive micro-site as part of an international promotional campaign for Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

I worked with James at Maynard Malone on projects for Ben & Jerry's. He is a very skilled front-end developer with a considerable talent for translating customer requirements, corporate graphic designs and Agile iterative development into robust, fluid and responsive designs. He is easy to communicate with on both a personal and technical level and he an asset to anyone requiring their front-end code to work right first time. - Brian Butterworth, Freelance PHP Developer.


1 month, December 2013

Produced a 'Postage Finder' web-app for Post Office.

Vivid Lime

1 month, October 2013

Produced a fully responsive website for CAT Phones.


3 weeks, September 2013

Produced a 'Perfect Bar' web-app for Heineken. Features include dynamically rendered visuals of suggested pump, fridge and product placement configurations for a range of outlet types based on research data.

Vivid Lime

2 weeks, September 2013

Produced a responsive micro-site for an event held by Club Carlson.


6 months, February 2013

Produced and refactored various components for both nectar.com and Nectar API.

Derwent Capital Markets

6 months, August 2012

Produced a feature-rich financial spread-betting web-app for a financial start-up. Working closely alongside company CTO (Java developer), I was front-end lead for the duration of the project. Features included real-time market data, live 'sentiment' analysis, and a fully customisable widget-based interface.


2 years, August 2010

Developed and maintained a business-critical restaurant booking app (Flash, ActionScript 3) and accompanying JavaScript API, configuration tool and automated test suite.

Winona e-solutions

18 months, February 2009

Produced and maintained various front-end components and frameworks. Also proactively overhauled the entire front-end of the company's white-label offering.


11 months, March 2007

Produced a Flash game and several micro-sites for household brands.


Many personal projects can be found on my GitHub page at github.com/jamesrock.